SolidFire in a new HCI form factor

Did you know that if you buy four half-width storage nodes in one 2U NetApp HCI chassis without server nodes, they will act as ordinary SolidFire storage?

All new SolidFire storage nodes are part of NetApp HCI architecture, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use them just as SolidFire storage without building an actual HCI. Yea, you can do that, even though naming might confuse you a bit.

SolidFire form factor comparison:


689C0B93-8958-4088-B410-F6DF350F1723.png 78E28023-579F-4627-9375-A3B05AEFD403
Individual 1U storage nodes Storage nodes in 2U HCI chassis
Minimum nodes for a cluster 4 nodes 4 nodes
Rack units minimum  4U 2U
Each node 1U Half-width 1U
Drives 12 SSD in each node, 48 minimum for 4 nodes 6 SSD in each node, 24 minimum for 4 nodes
Drive size 960GB / 1.92GB / 3.84TB 480GB / 960GB / 1.92TB
IOPS per node 100.000 50.000 / 100.000
Space with 4 node cluster 11.52TB (960) / 23.04TB (1.92) / 46.08TB (3.84) 2.88TB (460) / 5.76TB (960) / 11.52TB (1.92)


Both form factors are fully compatible and can be mixed together. 2U HCI chassis allows you to use it for customers who need a smaller amount of initial space and grow as needed with either 1U nodes or 1U half-width nodes. Both 1U and 1U half-width storage nodes can be used as storage-only, no compute nodes required.

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