What you might miss about NetApp from Aug-Nov 2019, including Insight in Las Vegas? Part 5


AFF400, FAS8300, FAS8700. All of those systems basically the same platform but with a different number of Memory & CPU cores. FAS systems also have FlashCache module onboard for read caching. All three requires 9.7 RC1 and have the latest Intel Cascade Lake processors. And that gives us hope we might see Optane as cache as NetApp showed as part of its vision on Insight 2017:

  • Read more about new AFF400 system at Andre Schmitz’s blog
  • AFF with HW-assistant dedup & compression on a network card Pensando used for Cluster Interconnects
  • RoCE as data protocol available as Proof of Concept lab for testing, but not in 9.7
  • AFF A400 now supports NS224 disk shelf alongside with A320


ONTAP 9.6 is qualified with RedHat, SUSE and Oracle Linux for FC-NVMe. Storage path fail-over (ANA) supported with SUSE Linux 15, Oracle Linux 7.6 and 7.7, and (still) no RedHat Linux because of RedHat slowness.

ONTAP AI with containers

Execute AI workloads at a scale with Trident and Kubernetes for CI solution “ONTAP AI” with NVIDIA DXG servers, networking & NetApp AFF NAS storage.


ASA is using the same AFF but only provide SAN protocols. ASA systems uses ONTAP with same architecture but Symmetric Active/Active network access for the block devices. Watch a short video about ASA on Twitter. Hardware for ASA is identical to standard AFF A700 and AFF A220 systems, and software bundle includes Flash/Premium bundle licenses minus NAS-only features


Much new stuff in ONTAP 9.7

  • User Interface Improvements
    • Simplified UI allows faster creation of LUNs, NAS shares & DP
    • Hardware health
    • Network connectivity diagram
    • Performance history (previously only performance since you opened it)
  • FabricPool Mirrors: one aggregate connected to a 2 buckets for added resiliency (previously only one bucket per aggregate)
  • CVO now supports Cloud Backup Service in AWS
  • Synchronous mirroring (SM-S) with MetroCluster (MCC)
  • Map NFS clients to specific volumes and IP addresses
  • XCP for rapid file delete
  • TCP Performance Enhancements in ONTAP 9.6
  • Watch a video about ONTAP 9.7 with Skip Shapiro

ONTAP Select

Networking best practices for ONTAP Select

ONTAP SDS is in embedded non-X86 systems for edge devices

Slimmed version of ONTAP Select called Photon used on edge devices. Blocks & Files blog post.


  • Fast in-place conversion FlexVol to FlexGroup
  • NFSv4, 4.1 & pNFS support with NFS security and locking
    • With pNFS data I/O path goes locality in a cluster
  • NDMP with FlexGroups: entire FG, directory or Qtree
    • Dump & Restores between FGs or FG & FlexVols
  • FlexGroup is now supported as an origin volume for FlexCache
  • FlexClone support with FlexGroup
  • VAAI, and copy offload support, though FlexGroups still not recommended with VMs, but we can clearly see NetApp moves that direction

SnapMirror Sync (SM-S)

  • Now SM-S replicate app-created snaps & FlexClones. Scheduled snaps are not replicated though
  • NVMe/FC protocol and namespace support added


Since NDAS replicates data with metadata (Unlike FabricPool), now you can access data directly out of the bucket

  • StorageGRID as Object storage added for NDAS besides existing AWS S3
  • NetApp looking into an ability to connect NetApp In-Place Analytics Module to object storage bucket with backed up by NDAS data from ONTAP NAS so you can do analytics with your data and how they evolved over the time (i.e. snapshots)
  • The NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool now lists supported configurations for NetApp Data Availability Services
  • AutoSupport is now enabled by default to send NDAS diagnostic records to NetApp Support
  • 200 TB of managed capacity with 100 million files is now supported
  • ONTAP 9.6P1 & ONTAP 9.7 and later releases are now supported on the target cluster
  • Bring your own licenses (BYOL) are now available for new and upgraded NDAS instances
  • The NDAS PreChecker tool is now available to assess your environment’s readiness for deploying NDAS
  • New AWS regions are now supported for NDAS with AWS:
    • EU (Ireland)
    • EU (Frankfurt)
    • Asia Pacific (Singapore)
    • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)


SnapCenter 4.2

  • Installation with few clicks with Linux virtual appliance
  • Simplified addition of new hosts & RBAC
  • Cluster Management LIFs (before you have to add each individual SVM management LIF)
  • Support vSphere HTML client
  • Automatic config check for servers & SC plugins
  • Oracle 18c
  • SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows now support disk creation for Windows Server 2019
  • Video about SnapCenter with Steven Cortez

New with VMware & VVOLs:

  • Adaptive QoS with VVOLs are disabled & no longer recommend in VASA 9.6 P1
  • Naming issues with VVOLs on NetApp fixed in 9.6 P1
  • Support for ESXi 6.7 U2
  • In ONTAP 9.7 in System Manager you can create RBAC user role for VSC
  • IOPS, Latency, throughout in VSC 9.6 for VVOLs on SAN (statistics comes directly from ONTAP)
  • REST API for the VASA+VSC+SRM appliance (install & config and for storage provisioning and management)
  • Wizard in VSC 9.6 creates VVOL endpoints

SRM with VVOLs are coming at some point in time

Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

  • Availability of VVol reports
  • Simplified provisioning of data stores
  • Support for configuring throughout floors (QoS Min) for storage capability profiles
  • Support for REST APIs
  • Video with Karl Konnerth about VSC


  • Is now free
  • Supported with on-prem ONTAP systems & Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • thin provisioning and data compaction
  • Cache volume migration
  • ONTAP auditing of cache volume reads
  • Antivirus scanning of origin volumes
  • Any-to-Any Caching between all ONTAP platforms on-prem & in the cloud, including MCC


  • FabricPool aggregate support for MCC FC and IP
  • FlexCache support for MCC FC and IP

MetroCluster IP

Open Network: A switch-less MCC 4-node cluster uses customer switches. Switches must comply with NetApp requirements and supported by the customer or switch vendor.

Supported platforms:

  • AFF A800, A700, A320, A300, and even low-end system A220
  • FAS 9000, 8200, 2750


Supported platforms:

  • AFF A700, A400, A300
  • FAS 9000, 8700, 8300, 8200

ONTAP Mediator instead of tie breaker

New Mediator (instead of the tie-breaker) for MCC & ONTAP SDS. Mediator is passive appliance, managed from ONTAP. All the logic lives in ONTAP versus previously switchover logic was on the tie-breaker’s side.

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